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Dynata, (formerly Research Now and Survey Sampling International) is a global online market research firm based in Plano, Texas and Shelton, Connecticut.

Here is a shocking review from a former employee, "After working at Dynata I found out during the calls they are having us do, they are collecting financial data from customers, then taking everything they have and marking it as donations. So as soon as I found out I resigned, I wanted nothing else to do with it. So treat carefully."


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Former Employee - Former Employee says

"My direct leadership was manipulative."

Director/Team Lead, Account Management (Former Employee) says

"My review is confidential and I don't feel comfortable giving it without having a conversation with specific people first. Its an interesting organization."

SURVEY PROGRAMMER (Former Employee) says

"When I started at RN, I was quite happy with my job. Over the year that I was there, an office was opened in India. That office had been reporting that it was doing things 100% correct 100% of the time. So the director of survey programming figured that if that office could do it, why couldn't other offices? So he implemented "FTR" (first time right). Soon after, clients began to complain that the surveys that came out of India weren't correct and there was a huge problem. So we found out that the office in India had lied about their numbers. Well, the director of Survey programming decided to keep the "FTR" policy that was based on a lie. Then they decided to attach 2 programmers from India to one senior programmer from either Toronto or Plano and that Sr. Programmer would oversee what the India programmers did. The whole thing is a farce. They even lie to their clients about who programs the surveys saying it was the senior programmer when in actuality it was the India programmers. Unlike other places I've worked since leaving this cesspool have focused on things that you've done well and actually help you improve what needs to be improved. RN only focuses on what you've done wrong and they make you feel terrible for it. You basically get pulled in a room by your TL and told "Do better or you're fired" and offer no help to get you to improve. There are so little opportunities to advance in this company that it's utterly ridiculous. The only part about my time there that I enjoyed was some of the people and the community service days. I made some great friends from this job.Free soda machines, community service daysPolitics, lies, bogus policies, incompetent senior management"

Operations (Current Employee) says

"This company likes to think that they embrace innovation, but they really don't. Their new products need a lot of work and are generally unreliable. Because of this, the sales teams sell great ideas but operations can't deliver given the unsophisticated and archaic tools and lack of knowledge about managing new products. This leads to a lot of blame put on operations as teams try to put out fires for projects that go awry. Programming teams are overworked and underpaid, leading to many delays and programming errors. Management plays favorites and are willing to remove an individual from a team or lay them off if employees aren't 110% aligned with the manager's views.great employees--people are nice and helpful, the panel itself is goodpay doesn't match an employee's worth, new products are garbage"

Client Développement Manager (Former Employee) says

"Beaucoup de changements qui ont malheureusement changés la philosophie de l’entreprise avec laquelle je n'étais plus aligné.Mais une très bonne ambiance."

Support Executive (Former Employee) says

"Lot of inbreeding and favouritism. Middle management can work upon themselves to provide for new comers. The upper management should get interested in what their middle management is doing.Nice, friendly, flexibleBurden, pressure, not so SMART goals"

Senior Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Extremely stressful and very not satisfying place to work due to tons of politics, mediocrity at all levels, lack of strong leadership and sense of direction.Work remotely"

Director (Former Employee) says

"would suggest not going here if you like work life balance - management left a lot to be desired and it was an awful work environment. I quit without having a job lined up if that says anything"

Sales Support Executive (Current Employee) says

"The company offers almost zero room for advancement; In order to be considered for a Sales Manager role you have to wait until someone who has worked there 8+ years quits. Don't bother asking questions, that really isn't looked upon greatly. The company doesn't promote transferring anywhere else besides headquarters in Plano, TX, and if you request to transfer they do not offer assistance for moving expenses and they DO NOT give an adjusted cost of living.Free sodas and beveragesManagement, No Room for Growth"

Executive Support (Former Employee) says

"Great location right next to Blackfriars station. Lots of places to eat nearby. Good benefits including company pension, on-site gym, free fruit once a week.Long hours. Terrible air conditioning. Intense atmosphere at times and very little training."

PROJECT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"The hours and project load can be a bit strenuous. It seems like management either has no idea whats going on or keeps us in the dark about things. Job security on the operations side is very shaky due to the impending outsourcing that is more than likely to take place. Sales is seen in a higher regard and you can definitely tell in the office. There are more incentive on their side while operations benefits have been cut down more and more. Promotions are extremely few and far between on operations side, and the ones that get promoted are typically based on who management likes the most, not on merit. The bonus and raise system needs fine tuning. It is way too easy to miss out on getting these if your manager feels like you don't deserve it and takes it away for frivolous reasons The training portion can be an absolute train wreck but they are working on trying to hammer it out and make it more streamlined. Expect to be thrown into the middle of things and expect to be dependent on your teammates to help out, even if they have high project loads. Generally speaking the middle and upper management seems disjointed and very out of touch with most the issues that the employees face. Promises on transparency and taking action on feedback from the employees feels hollow and nothing really comes from it The people that work there are fantastic and very supportive and the events are something to look forward to as well. We get free drinks and free lunches sometimes and generally people are very upbeatEvents, co worker comradery, free lunches sometimesWork load can be brutal sometimes, lack of any change or transparency from management and uncertain job security"

Operations Executive (Former Employee) says

"The first 9 years were perfect then it all evaporated"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Ever shifting culture and management makes it challenging to meet expectations. There's someone new every couple of months and it starts to get stressful. On top of that, there isn't much room for advancement and management doesn't last long. It is however, a great first, events, holiday partiesstress, no upward movement"

Senior Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"the people are the reason I left. the work was monotonous but all office work involving data is I've learned. that's my two cents. it was worth 50k a year remotely but in person, I'd need about 60k to lose livelihood to office/cubicle life in the worst, most commercial area of the city."

anonymous (Former Employee) says

"The company was once a great and fantastic place to work. The culture was fantastic and as an employee you felt as though you mattered. The company inspired you to deliver excellence, and they would have your back. However, lately or within the last approximate 2 years the company has taken a journey towards the worst. They destroyed the company culture, removed all forms of loyalty and inspiration. There is no longer a sense of employee empowerment. The company now actively seeks to make their employees feel as though they are only there to collect a paycheck. Where RN once had employees who would work late on their own, because they wanted to provide the best to a great organization, they now simply clock in and clock out. Most are seeking to leave the company.The people you work with.Something went wrong with management."

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"typical stresfull market research company could do with a better pay but it not very negotiable you feel like a robot, there's no personal interactionfriday drinkslong hours"

Sales Support Executive (Current Employee) says

"When I started here this was a great place to work, but over the past 2 years something has changed. When I started going to work every day was fun, everyone was casual and always willing to help. Then a year passed, and things started to go sour. Employee morale started dropping, and turnover became more prevalent. The odd part is, the management doesn't even seem to care. The entry level positions are treated more like interchangeable parts, and have constant turnover. If you want to stick with the company expect to do plenty of politicking in order to get upper management to even consider promoting you. The best part, most of them can't even tell you the official HR policies. I was told at one point you couldn't get a raise without a title change! (Funny part is, that wasn't true) Too bad it hosed me from getting a raise until I had been with them 2 years, and what was given was anything but generous. Expect them to fiddle with numbers to give you the least amount of compensation possible, and if you bring it up to them they'll simply say "find something else then".Work from home; Flexible schedulePay and Promotion potential are negligible; management regards people as chess pieces"

Associate Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very nice job until you realize it your workload is increasing with salary disappearing. Once the budget or ceo is corrected things will hopefully settle for the better.Location. Free fruitCeo, Missing wages, Outside management hires (no diversity)"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Everyday is pretty fast paced. There were a lot of changes within the company for the past year and a half or so. The culture is fun if you work at the headquarter office."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"This was an awesome company my first few years here. The internal restructuring has caused a complete change in the culture here. Hopefully they'll get back on track once everything calms down."

Manager, Client Development (Former Employee) says

"As a sales person, they like to take your rolodex then lay you off. They have one of the biggest panels in the world. Many changes within this company which seems to be the culture there. They have let go many people in the last few years. Company too big for itself. Many folks have no idea what they are doing in higher positions. Cant even explain it to their own department."

Hugh McAteer says

"Trying to reach out to comoany concerning an issue I had with a survey I took. Page completed and never advanced to credit the award. It was 15.00 for testing a new app that is going to be available through AARP. Tried using their virtual assistant, which was a waste of time. Each time it would ask if I wanted a ticket created I would answer yes, and then get a error creating ticket. It would then kick out information from their FAQ page and ask if this answered mI wanted a ticket created you answer yes and again get an error creating ticket and it would spew out the same FAQ garbage again anad again. There are no phone # to call or email address to wirte to. Coporate website says creat form below and the is no form or link to a form, and I am supposedly one of their diamond level members."

AS says

"They will, if you read the fine print of the privacy policy, sell your personal information to "data brokers". Beware! They don't take any customers seriously, don't even answer the phones, these guys are a bunch of crooks."

Leny says

"From a respondent point of view, the distinctive characteristic of ResearchNow is to create surveys that will kick out respondents from the survey even at the submitting click, just because the 'quota number' was reached while you were completing it. This is a very unfair and dishonest practise with the consequence of wasting and abusing panellists time. Honest companies deliver surveys that tell you if 'you are in', or that 'too many respondents are in progress' asking to try later. If you are a company and care about your consumers, please, do not use them and/or their partners. There are many other fair and honest surveys companies out there."

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